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Now, now, now Arizona!

Posted in In the News, Sports on Friday, May 14th, 2010 at 10:29 am 1 Comments

Arizona now has a task force to deal with the wave of negative publicity over the new immigration law. Great move. The first report is due in about a MONTH. What? The state can’t wait another DAY to react, and react strongly.

You want a plan? Get Governor Jan Brewer looking straight into the camera and telling the country that SB 1070 will be pulled as soon as the federal government does its job and takes some action on immigration. Roll a little background video that illustrates how boycotts only makes things worse for hardworking Arizonans (many of whom are Hispanic). Brewer should ask for a six month grace period from boycotts, and openly acknowledge that six months puts us into November – after the elections –  when getting something moving on immigration is a realistic possibility. Make it a 30 second spot (60 at the very most) and air it anywhere; it doesn’t matter because media outlets all over the world will pick it up.

Shoot the spot this weekend and air it Monday. (Brewer should also work behind the scenes and find some high-profile Hispanic leaders who are ready to appear on camera, not to support the law, but to ask for more time to get federal legislation going.)

But the state must act NOW. And don’t buy the line that an immediate response like this is impossible. The alternative is a month of twisting in the desert wind as more boycotts are announced. As I write, I just heard that Austin, TX has joined the boycott list.

On a positive note…. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig says the 2011 All-Star game will take place as planned in Phoenix. Selig cited reports from a sports sociologist that gave baseball an “A” for race relations. Good job Bud! Now if he would just stand up to the player’s union….

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  1. CW says:

    Amen on the immediacy of the moment. Government needs to show it can respond quickly (see Katrina, Gulf Oil Spill, and now AZ). A task force with a one month deadline for its first report on an event taking place right now only reinforces the feeling that everyday citizens already have that the government can’t do anything quickly. Would a corporate PR department wait a month to deal with a disastrous image nightmare?
    Have you seen the photos of the Sonora Desert littered for miles with waste? Environmental groups should be active on this issue for that reason alone.
    In this issue, the few are controlling the many because their voice has found the emotional heartbeat. Most of America supports Arizona when they hear the truth. AZ must get that message out now, not later.

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