TaylorCarr.com My new favorite phrase for firing someone

My new favorite phrase for firing someone

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From a Ragan.com piece on synonyms:

“Terms such as “downsizing,” “right-sizing,” “re-verticalization,” and, the weirdest of the bunch, “reducing units of liveware,” do the opposite of what they’re meant to.”

So true. People are smart and they figure this stuff out. You think it makes someone feel better to tell them they’d been “re-verticalized,” or they’re one of the “units of liveware” that’s been reduced?

Be upfront! Employees want leaders who are compassionate, yet tell the truth. See the entire Ragan.com piece here:  Synonym showdown: Which word works best?

BTW, Ragan.com is an excellent source for the latest trends in communication. I get their daily e-mails and often use the content with clients and students. — TC

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