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Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop reunion

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I just got back from attending a reunion with some really remarkable people. Here’s the story.  

My hometown in Virginia has one of the best high school leadership programs in the country – the Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop. It’s been going on since 1967, and this August celebrated 45 years of changing the lives of thousands of young people. I was on the workshop staff after my senior year of high school, and it was one of the most impactful experiences of my young life.

About 120 staff members came back to the campus of Virginia Wesleyan College for the 45-year reunion, including many of those who founded the workshop; people like Jerry Deviney, Emilie Tilley and Terre Ittner. We told stories, relived memories and reminded each other that leadership training can never start too soon. Being on Workshop staff has always been a big honor, and it was heartwarming to see that staff members from 2012 have the same energy and enthusiasm that we had in the 70s (they also have more hair and better posture).

My weekend at Virgina Beach reminded me that principles we taught in Workshop definitely influence how I teach leadership communication and my work with the Ken Blanchard EMBA.

Big thanks to Diane Anderson, Pamela Fahs, David Rhodes, Leon and Gail Proffitt and all those who made the reunion possible. And as we sang at the end of the program: “Here’s to you Beach Workshop! Good year at Beach Workshop! Here’s to you Beach Workshop! The BEST Camp in the Land!

Virgina Beach Leadership Workshop founder Jerry Deviney and staff members from 1967 - '73.

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  1. Sophia Kadi says:

    Attending 2 VBLW at the Virginia Wesleyan College, this touched me. Currently I am writing an English paper about the wonders of Leadership Workshop and better said “It it is never late for leadership training.” Hoping to get a good grade on this because hands down, VBLW at Wesleyan College is the best part of your summer! One day, I hope to graduate from my high school and become a Council member; singing the same catchy songs, and teaching young democrats tips, tricks, etc about leadership and it will definitely be one of the best feelings in the world.

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