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Looking for ways to be offended

Posted in Featured Post, In the News on Monday, March 14th, 2011 at 10:21 am No Comments

Just posted this response to what I think was a significant overreaction related to the Japanese earthquake.  The writer on PR Daily took offense to MediaCorp of Singapore asking advertisers to consider sponsoring the station’s regular news coverage, which would naturally feature earthquake coverage. My response:

What is possibly wrong with MediaCorp’s message? It’s the sales department’s job to sell air time. People DO watch more during a disaster. And this was a message sent to advertisers, not the public.

Following your logic, news organizations should avoid doing specials or extra programming to cover disasters, since those programs are sponsored. (Hey, I’ll agree some of those shows come off as money-grabs designed to capitalize on a disaster. But all MediaCorp was doing was alerting advertisers – not the public – to programming that would have high viewership.)

Here’s a link to the original piece.  PR Daily piece Let me know what you think? To me, it seems like some people just want to be offended.

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