TaylorCarr.com Goals for 2012 – final update, moving on

Goals for 2012 – final update, moving on

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I’m going to accomplish four major goals in 2012. Hold me to this!

Professional: I resolve to have multiple current clients ask for new content, or help in a new area. It’s a great feeling when someone you’ve helped with a communication need comes back and asks for help with other projects/issues. FYI, I’m working on new material in media training, interview preparation, business writing (particularly for non-native English speakers) and communication between and among Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials.

(Success! Developing two-month set of classes for incoming MBA students at Thunderbird [teaching academic writing].  —  Also working on new media training/coaching material for West Coast client! — In June, added more Thunderbird teaching in a custom program for a client from Mexico.  —  In July started teaching a third group of Thunderbird students in the Pre-MBA program.

In November and December teaching Managing People from a Global Perspective” as part of Thunderbird’s Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management. This class has 56 students from all over the world.  These new classes are in addition to the courses I’ve been teaching in T-Bird programs and in the Ken Blanchard EMBA and other masters programs at Grand Canyon Univ.

Finally, I’ve got several speaking engagements lined up in 2013, including a keynote address to an insurance industry trade group in Nashville in March.  And I’ll be back at GCU for a few months, helping run the EMBA in the absence of program manager Dawn Vinh.)

Academic: I resolve to have at least half my students – both in classroom and online settings – report positive and immediate results using the content we discuss in class. This is tougher than it sounds. What I mean is I want an executive MBA student – for example – to relate how something we covered in class last week helped them achieve positive results this week. To me, the test for all the content we cover is this: ‘is it useful now, and can a student readily apply it to their jobs or lives?’ 

(I’m proud to say that 100% of my January-February leadership communication class reported tangible positive results! And, in an Executive MBA class on corporate social responsibility members of the class outlined ways they can incorporate appropriate CSR into their organizations. A key class takeaway is aligning social responsibility with core competencies and business goals. 

August update…. just got some great feedback from the 20 students in my Thunderbird pre-MBA class on academic writing. The class was made up of students from China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam, and most will be entering graduate programs at Thunderbird. And….in December, my GCU leadership communication class reported 100% positive results in using our content in their work.)

Personal – Community: I resolve to enjoy Arizona more and get more involved in the community through volunteering and events unique to Arizona.

(Yes! I continue to volunteer for Arizona SunSounds, Phoenix Rescue Mission and Pat’s Run; also serving as an HOA board member, and a proud season ticket holder for the Suns and Diamondbacks and Cardinals.)

Personal – Fitness: I resolve to exercise at least 366 times in 2012.  I’ve missed six or seven days as of August, but have made it up with two workouts on other days.

(Did it! Had a great 1500 meter swim on December 31 for my 366th workout in 2012. I’d guess I missed 12 – 15 days overall but made it up with double workouts on other days. This was a good exercise in discipline, but I’m not sure I’ll do it again. Oh, my standard for counting a workout was at least 3o minutes of continuous exercise – usually swimming or running.)

Goal-setting is important. Leaders set goals and – very important – communicate their goals to others.  — Taylor

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